Second Opinion
The Dual Existences of Don Ed Turner

What about our lives can we not know?
What in life do we fail to see?

Without warning, Don Ed Turner must step back and watch himself, his life and his girlfriend’s life.

Don Ed does not choose this. It is forced on him by a mind-bending dilemma: he arrives home two days before he left for work . . . and discovers another him already there.    

Second Opinion is a mystery: a novel of humor, loss, romance, misunderstanding and murder.

Don Ed Turner, a security guard and the central character of Second Opinion, learns the downside of infidelity and overconfidence, and regrets not learning a little more in his college classes.

His hopeful girlfriend, Stephanie Chappell, discovers the limits of optimism, the joys of spontaneous eviction and what not to say when confronting romantic competition. 

Dynamic Industries, Don Ed’s employer, funds and then prematurely cancels a misunderstood research project without realizing they own one of the most important scientific advances, ever.

Second Opinion … sexy, touching, funny. 

An Invitation to Writers, Readers
Do you enjoy reading both long and short fiction?
Do you like to write short fiction?

An introduction to our new form of connected short fiction novel is included in Second Opinion.  Writers and readers are invited to learn more about The Stained Glass Door, the first WriteReadTalk® novel (release in 2013) and how short fiction writers of all ages will be able to contribute to an ongoing series of this new collaborative form of fiction.

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